Today is going to be a great day! I finally got my son's baby pictures off of my laptop that crashed like 7 years ago. I held on to it and did absolutely nothing with it hoping that someone would be able to fix it without losing the pictures one day. Maybe I was just … Continue reading Yes!


Just as a semi irrelevant note, I have not forgotten about my "I'm grateful for.." posts. I just have something I'm hoping to do with that so I may have to put it on pause for a little while, though I will try to write things down until then that I'm grateful for just for … Continue reading Reflecting

Good morning sunshine,  Your face is still on my mind,  Beauty is embodied in your soul,  Because you've captured mine in love,  Hope this never changes but I know storms come,  When they come I hope I hang tight to these moments and thoughts,  Resilience as you sang is what we need,  Creating positives to … Continue reading

I hugged you in my dreams.  I hugged your neck so tightly.  I have had fun on this trip but I'm ready to get home.  To make my dream a reality.