Arrr…Agressive Pursuit!

I'm determined! I'm kicking, biting, scratching and screaming my way trough it! I won't be denied! I have fought too hard for too long! There ain't a damn thing anyone can say or do to get in our way! I'm not in this for myself alone, I'm in it for us, myself AND my children! … Continue reading Arrr…Agressive Pursuit!

Things That I’m Slightly Jealous of

Women who get a ring before me (yet Im happy for them at the same time, I just always think to myself how grand it must feel) Women who get flowers just because (just cuz I'd love to brag about getting flowers too lol it's the kid in me) The movie scenes of people engaging … Continue reading Things That I’m Slightly Jealous of

Carnal Thoughts

So I intended to write this awesome post about this revelation God allow me to see yesterday but then circumstances went hey wire again. So if this post isn't as grand as I had initially intended hopefully you'll still understand what it's about. This is what I had the pleasure of driving yesterday and will … Continue reading Carnal Thoughts

And He Learned

Awesome! I couldn’t have written this better myself!

Rethink the Rant

When he noticed the naked little girl at the beach didn’t look quite like he did and asked why, they answered his questions in simple phrases painted in black and white, pink and blue, and tradition. And he learned that boys and girls were different.

When one of the neighbor kids painted his nails, they got angry. That wasn’t something boys did. And he learned that there were different rules for boys and girls, and that breaking those made people upset.

When he was handed down a pink bike from his cousin, they replaced it with a blue one, because they didn’t want him to be mocked for having a “girly” bike. And he learned that being girly was something to be mocked.

When he cried, they told him to be a man. And he learned that crying, and being not a man, was something less.

When he was being picked…

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