I Own The Rain

I used to hate the rain, But then I remembered the girl I was before, The one who ran outside to play in it, Man, She was fearless, So I left the building having only received a slight smirk at the end of the night, And I walked, skipped and ran HAPPILY in the rain … Continue reading I Own The Rain

I need to talk to you, Like face to face no more secrets real talk, I can't keep suppressing how I really feel talk, Like why are you two/three entities in one talk, I don't get it sometimes but I'm still here talk, Like I feel the difference in the vibes you give type talk, … Continue reading

NC Spirit Fest 2018

This time around he has a new project out "The Grand Re-Opening" and he came back with a vengeance! He performed three songs in total two of which were from the new album and he had AJ The Menace (also host of The 3 Oak Podcast) along side him. I must say he definitely created a new anthem with his song Mood and he embodied it in performing the song. If you can't already tell this was my favorite part of the show and yes I can admit I'm partial on this matter. Without further ado please take a listen (pardon my loudness):

The Race

While everyone else is racing, I'm taking my precious time, Going back and forth with it, Picking up all the wonderful treasures, That the clock racers left behind. Why thank you, Who would have thought, Your efforts to make me look slow, Would results in these great gifts, How kind. ..... Be on the look … Continue reading The Race