No more making a fool out of myself for what I wished existed in places I don’t belong, 

What’s real is right here and right now and right in front of me, 

It’s not running nor needing to be chased but rather just waiting to be embraced,

Love my love,  my Love loves me!
-Mrs. Mills, yeah that’s Me


I’m Grateful For: Pattern 


Pit pit patter

Pat pat pitter


You got a


Ever ending 


Old habits die hard

Your pattern leaves scars

On  hearts 

Like tire marks from cars 

But you never mean to

You just do what you feel you have to

Don’t get discouraged Beau

Just do you

Let them mark your pattern

As long as

You own the consequences you earn 

From your

I’m grateful for, recognizing and owning my pattern. 

Excuse Me

Baby let me whisper in your ear,
Darling you are not perfect but you are the best thing I know,
Sweet heart they’ll never love you like me,
Because honey they just don’t know you like me,
You don’t have a perfect body,
But you sure do have it going on in my eyes,
That smile of yours lights up my eyes,
You might not always be the sweetest,
But you’re sweet enough for me,
Yes you’ve got things to work on,
But I’m in love with your mind,
Your heart may be tarnished,
But it’s value is still priceless,
So when others come and try to rock your world,
You just remember how much I love you,
Don’t let them get too close,
I’m the one for you,
Yes you, you there in the mirror



Ms. Me

Jazmine Sullivan – Excuse Me (Audio): http://youtu.be/OVyB-ai9z3I

(Written May 12, 2014)

What Are We?

Let’s keep it low key,
We don’t even have titles,
But I’m feeling entitled,
I hate that, my mind goes there
And you’re tempting even when you’re not here,

Am I committed solely to an idea?
Or is this actually a possibility?

Rubbing your back
Feeding your belly
Helping get your hair right
All these bring me pleasure it’s true
But the question remains where do I stand with you?

It’s like a game and I don’t want to get pinched trying to squeeze my way out.

(Written March 13, 2016)

Falling in Love With Me

I just want to fall in love again,

Fall in love again,  fall in love again,

With who I am, who I am.

So let me free, let me free again,

To blow in the wind.

Because I can’t be tamed, I can’t.

So let me free again,

To fall in love with who I am.


(Written October 2, 2016)

I’m Grateful For (w/ twist)…

You smell like you. Your smell is better than sex. It awakens my entire being. It’s ever so tantalizing. I’m almost addicted to it, in fact if you were around more I’d be so accustomed to it that I’d find all other smells utterly deplorable. I’d be forever loyal to you and only you.

Your touch, mmm, yes,  your touch does wonders. Like magic your touch makes every doubt disappear. Cupping my back side the way you do making me feel like a rose. Delicate yet hard not to admire with your hands. Gripping every curve my body offers you. Making me melt in your hands. Never do I want to be touched like this by another man again.

Your voice, ha, yes, the way you formulate your sentences and your tone go beyond turning me on. It’s inspiration. It’s like love making to my mind. Amazing. Keep talking and I’ll never want to listen to the voice of any other man because only your voice matters.

Your eyes, wow, yes, your almond shaped eyes, even when they’re tired they’re still worth gazing into. I can even close my eyes and still envision yours. If you give me the look I’ll never look into the eyes of another man the way I look into yours.

Tonight, this morning, you are what I’m grateful for.


Sarai, Sarai why do you laugh, 

Sarai, Sarai you silly woman, 

Sarai, Sarai why don’t you believe, 

Sarai, Sarai do you know who you are, 

Sarai, Sarai you beautiful thing, 

Sarai, Sarai stolen by a King, 

Sarai, Sarai don’t you know, 

Sarai, Sarai your troubles won’t be long, 

Sarai, Sarai stop trying to manipulate the promise, 

Sarai, Sarai if you’d only trust the process, 

Sarai, Sarai through you the King shall come, 

Sarai, Sarai this thing will pass through generations, 

Sarai, Sarai stop looking at today, 

Sarai, Sarai believe for the many years to come,

Sarai, Sarai you will get your son , 

Sarai, Sarai to receive your promise, 

Sarai, Sarai some things have to change, 

Sarai, Sarai let’s start with your name, 



Sarah , 









Pray ,