Good Morning Hatred, Just thought I’d address the Demon for what it is. I got a message for you and I wanna make it REAL clear. I’ve come WAAAY too far to be dealing with your mess! Just because you don’t know the steps of my journey doesn’t mean I didn’t take them. Just because … Continue reading

For The Ones In The Back

See through The smoke the bullshit the lies that you thought you led me to believe Smile now smile forever but one things for sure I guarantee I’ll always smile better Cut me once cut my twice you make my come back 7 times as nice My “mistakes” look less desirable than they actually taste … Continue reading For The Ones In The Back

My Heart

My Adam, He's fluid, He's in every perfect melody, beat, bass drop and lyric He's parallel to every universe of mine He's in my past when I'm present and in my future when I walk past He's always soooo close but yet too far He has one solid But He never speaks directly through it … Continue reading My Heart

The Lady

Pretty girl looks so intent Insane intentions Worthy of all good mentions So misunderstood, from a different dimension Yep, out of this world As perfect as a pearl Even when baroque Her value is no joke ....... Let me break that down, Even when bent out of shape she cannot be easily replaced She's ever … Continue reading The Lady


Unsold the dream in the pursuit of CREAM, Love can't compete with money schemes. Truth be told I ain't got nothin up my sleeve, I'm just fighting against the old me. Nah mean


I'm in love with a ghost, He comes and goes, Wish he'd never leave cause when he's gone I'm cold, Heart black and icey, I don't play nicely, These days my time is quite pricey, If you ain't got a dime chances of you see'n me.... Is highly unlikely. Guess you could say he & … Continue reading Vanity