Unclean Hands 

What if all along she was the guilty one,

Making him out to be the filthy one.

Unable to look at herself in the mirror, 

Yet quick to point her finger.

Judging the intentions of his heart, 

Yet hers were ill from the start. 

So she crafted her escape,

From a choice she made in haste.

Still not considering all consequences, 

Only wanting for herself better circumstances.

Now she’s looking back,

Uncovering her own tracks.

With her now matured eyes,

She’s finally realized,

He’s her blessing in disguise. 


Because, I’m Me, That’s Why

Tell me something hun,

Why my hair gotta stay long, 

Why I gotta stay with heels on?

Can’t you see I’m fly in anything,

My face still pretty after cutting all my hair off.

I’m saying, 

I’d love you in a high fade, low fade, brush cut, dreaded up or bald.

You could be in sweats, uniform, or G.Q’d head to toe, you’re still my Bruce Wayne.

I’m just saying,

Love me,

Love me, 

Love me….for Me 😉

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music

Luv Language…

HeartSongPoet (Me) is back at it just for a second. I’m reading a book I probably should have read a while ago, definitely before I made the decision I made last July. Although romantic love is no longer one of the primary focuses of this blog I won’t count out the idea of it existing again one day in my life. In the mean time as I work on myself I have decided to take on reading something to help me the next time romance decides to meander my way.

Thanks to a fellow blogger MultidemensionalHe (go on check ’em out) I took the quiz myself to find out my “Love Language”. I do believe it was dead on and perhaps when I’m feeling generous enough I may share with you all what my results were. If you haven’t taken the test I suggest doing so. It helped me understand why certain things are more damaging to me than others in a relationship and why certain things mean more to me than others.

The book is actually titled  5 Love Languages and by clicking the link you can purchase a paperback copy for under $10 and it’s free shipping worldwide. So, as I learn more about myself and others I may decide to share more on the matter.

In the mean time here is also some local music from Agent Midi a producer in my area. I heard this song after listening to a few tracks on SoundCloud from another artist I have featured up here Liion Gamble. I fell in love with it and have played it like a million times back to back (I’m only exaggerating a very tiny bit).

So, read the book, share the song.

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music.



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Bad Blood

Today is a special day for some one who shares my blood.  She is an up and coming artist from Raleigh, NC whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing since she was in diapers. I’ve watched this young lady go from never letting me sleep in my bed alone to barely having time to hang with me lol.

I was blessed enough to be there when we (as a family) discovered her angelic voice. She was tiny but her voice was an atomic bomb back then and over time it has only grown more potent. The vocals on this young lady is a force to be reckoned with. She started out very shy but sang around the house daily. Though it was a nuisance at times for me when I just wanted peace and quiet (lol) but all the practice has truly paid off.

Although she hasn’t quite finished her first single yet I’m still oh so proud to introduce you all to the beautiful, bold, vocally blessed B. Feleice! (Happy Birthday little sis!)

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It was supposed to be forever…

Missing the good side of a bad thing.

In a really weird head space. Very excited about where my life is headed, I know I’m blessed. Just not sure what God wants me to do about my marriage. I was always one that said when I get married that’s it, I’m only doing it once. Yet here I am in the middle of a separation with torn feelings. My heart is in 3 places, here in the present happy with me and my kids. Then partially with the man I married and still love. Yet also wondering about someone I thought I had a connection with. So, I’m just praying for clarity and honestly in need of advice.

Nevertheless, I trust God.