Soulful Saturday (last one)

So, yes I’m late but peep my art I made last night 😊. It’s not quite done yet still got some touching up to do but I love it! Also, the concert is Tuesday but I don’t have a sitter or tickets yet ☹️. Anywho, enjoy the song.

No Exit



Got to Give It Up x Marvin Gaye

Don’t be shy now, dance!

Soulful Saturday

I absolutely Love/Adore this one!!! It is my favorite one on the entire album ❤

Please listen and enjoy! Never be afraid to start over and try something/someone new. Ever person is unique but being vulnerable is the only way to trust again.

Other Niggas x Chris Brown

Sing To Me

Don’t let the nay saying turn you around

Your gift is love,

Show it,

It brings you joy,

Joy that causes tears,

It’s okay to cry happy tears,

Don’t let anyone,

Not even family deter you,



Be free!!!

Soulful Saturday

I enjoy this one for multiple reasons. When he says “I love I love…” it also sounds like “baila baila…” to me. Baila means dance in Spanish and that’s exactly what this song makes me want to do, wind my hips to the beat.


I Love Her