Sex Scars Part 2

The sex was never really a scar with you And no I didn't take it too far with you It was just the fact I had my heart broken a time or two Before you there were quite a few who meant no good for me Selfish in their quest of pursuing me Leaving skeletons … Continue reading Sex Scars Part 2

I Play With Fire

I play with fire and fear getting burnt, But I play with fire to light fireworks and fear an explosion, But I light fireworks to celebrate a win ahead of time and fear failure, I fail a thousand times just to win once, But I win once to win forever. I fear the worst and … Continue reading I Play With Fire

Hug Me

Some days I just need a hug. No I don't want a stranger No I don't want my past I just want a friend that fills other spaces too. I wanna talk about grand ideas and write a plan of action. I want follow up check ins to make sure I'm on my shit and … Continue reading Hug Me

Traveling on Thoughts

I think in symbols, Nothing is solid, Everything is fluid, Is this newfound thought pattern good? I guess only time will tell, The craziest part is thinking nothing is ever just surface, In other words nothing is ever what it seems.

The Ambush

I let you rob me, I let you take the moment that most girls dream of and turn it into a shit show, I let you walk all over my heart, I let you give me mediocre and I accepted it like it was gold, All behind the idea of potential. What I didn't think … Continue reading The Ambush


I literally feel like I'm fighting for my life, This world is so dark and so cold sometimes, Though I am no where near perfect, I just wonder who is really genuine, Scared to even believe my eyes at times, The things my ears hear don't match what my eyes see, The things that my … Continue reading Coping