Soulful Saturday

I absolutely Love/Adore this one!!! It is my favorite one on the entire album ❤ Please listen and enjoy! Never be afraid to start over and try something/someone new. Ever person is unique but being vulnerable is the only way to trust again. Other Niggas x Chris Brown

Lessons & Lemonade

It's okay to want love at the end of the day, It's okay, it's okay, It's even okay told hold until you get it the right way, It's okay to want more, It's okay to open your heart again after multiple heartbreaks, It's okay to dare to be vulnerable again. It's okay. ........ Today my … Continue reading Lessons & Lemonade


What is a family? Does it really have to be a husband & wife and their kids? Can it just be two partners? Can it be just one parent and a child or children? Can it be a group of people with no blood ties but ties that run deeper? What if your blood family … Continue reading Family

Quick Rant

You know what society's problem is, We talk all this shit about people and their "problems" but act like we don't have our own and instead of doing shit about it we talk shit about it. Get off your ass and go help them duh! Then your help will come too 🤷🏽‍♀️