Matters of the Heart (continued)

All these men telling me how men can’t be trusted,
Leaving my kind confused & my heart wrecked & busted!
How am I supposed to believe real love is possible,
Constantly seeing the results of lust and getting commitment seems impossible!
Everyday I’m on the edge of just saying forget it!

Nobody in this world has anything positive to tell me when I need to hear it!
I don’t even ask sometimes for the things they come to me with!
When it comes to the heart I’m convinced nobody’s got it right.
Wounds turn into wrongs done to others and this painful cycle of bitterness and the inability to forgive continues.
If that’s not the motivation then it’s the ” if I can’t have you no one can” mindset.
Where are the happy people?
Where are the ones who forgive to be forgiven?
Where are the ones who let go to receive?
Where are the healed helping the hurting?

Man, sometimes, deep down, I hate this world we live in.

I know I’m not prefect and I could use a lot of work too but damn we live in a messed up society.