Late In The Midnight Hour

Leaders can't lack trust. ‭‭ This post is more therapeutic than anything but hopefully it helps someone else. So, it's been a crazy year. I've lost a friend, lost a marriage and a vehicle. I've all but lost my mind to be honest lol. Yet, I have also had new doors opening for me. Not … Continue reading Late In The Midnight Hour


You're an addict and you don't even see it, The drug is a paycheck and your job is the dope dealer, You get a raise you snort more, Your dealer could care less if you die, They'll replace you with another dope feign tomorrow, You shoot up every two weeks and when your high leaves … Continue reading Addiction

Now Faith

In my world, Fear and doubt have no clout, When all else seems to fail, I just lift my head/hands and praise it out, I cannot dwell on the why's nor what's, I just pray and ask God for the how, Keep my eyes on the prize, And never get too lost in the now. … Continue reading Now Faith