Elevator Ride

Got the hunch to post this last night. I drew it weeks ago. A friend and oddly my children have been telling me to deal with my problem/feelings or it's going to get worse. My 8 year old daughter said verbatim "you have to deal with it mommy or it's going to get worse". She … Continue reading Elevator Ride


I don’t want a ring, I want something deeper, Something that jealousy won’t turn green, I want something that time won’t wear down, I want something that can never be lost once it is found, I want something that life and it’s pulls wont bend nor break, Because just because you wear/receive a ring it … Continue reading Disbanding

Say Something

So, this represents two things the obvious is domestic violence awareness. The not so obvious is that this is the first painting I did all on my own 😊. I have been wanting to paint for a little while now and today I finally did it. I chose the ribbon because of personal experiences but … Continue reading Say Something