Music Is My Drug

I just wanna ride the beat

Feel the drum in my thighs

Stroke my belly like the guitar

Play my hair like the harp

Rock my hips to the bongos

Sway my back to the sax

Wave my arms to the piano

Move my lips to the lyrics

Pop my shoulders while my legs do they own thang

MUSIC is my drug

Get me high off the rhythm

And just rock……………..

Music is my drug!


What gift would you like to anonymously send someone? (Originally Posted October 11, 2011)

If I could anonymously send someone a gift what would it be??? I thought well maybe a dozen roses but that’s not original. Though I see no reason a male can’t receive roses from a woman. I thought maybe chocolate but just because I’m a sucker for some good chocolate with nuts in it (no pun intended I really do like nuts in my chocolate, okay I’m not going to try to recover from that moving on) doesn’t mean a man will. So, what would I get someone anonymously?

Well if it’s anonymous wouldn’t you want to go all out? I mean they don’t know who it’s coming from so its not like it will look like you over did it. So, maybe a hand written poem with a heartfelt poem written by yours truly and some balloons in their favorite color. A homemade cake of their favorite flavor and maybe some sunflowers to represent sunshine. A red red rose to represent love. And a great big sign on the nearest billboard that says “_________, YOU’RE THE GREATEST BECAUSE YOU MAKE ME SMILE FROM THE INSIDE OUT!”

But then I thought maybe something really simple. Like a key with jewels on the end of it and a letter that reads:

This is a gift from me to you, it is the key to my heart. All you have to do is find me and when you have then I will know you have earned this key for sure. The road to me may be long and it may seem rough at times but please don’t give up I’ll be waiting, waiting for you to open my heart and explore the love I’ve put on reserve just for you.

P.s. I’ve made it a little easier for you to find me by sending clues along the way.


Your secrete admire and future love of your life

Out of all the ideas I think I like the last one the best. How about you?