Life Lesson

We tried so hard didn’t we,
We tried so hard and failed miserably,
That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love you
Or you didn’t love me,
It just means we were never meant to be,
Nothing last forever and now we see.


It’s Not Trigonometry

I close my eyes. ….

And then I. …

I…I fantasize…

I fantasize…

About you and I

And we….

Or what could be. ..

We…that is

Me and you…

But then there’s she. ..

Minus me…plus she

The equation is quite tricky. ..

Keep you subtract me. ..

Add she. ..

Now that. ..that’s reality….
The situation is a scalene….
But I don’t want to get caught in the geometry…..
I…I just feel there’s a chemistry. …
How….how will I get around the mystery. ..
The mystery of what could be. ..
If you subtracted she and added me. ..
But I would not ask that of thee…
I have to uphold my morality.

Idle Thoughts

The hard part is wanting to move forward,
Wanting the right thing with the right one and yet feeling it may not yet be the right time.
Still not knowing when that time will come or who that one will be,
And yet having big dreams to accomplish in the mean time,

I’m Still Here

What a day.
I could’ve been badly injured had I pulled out just a little further.
I was in wreck in a car that doesn’t even belong to me.
I ruined my brother’s birthday I’m sure, though I wasn’t at fault.
Things were just starting to look up for me.
However, it’s okay, I’m going to make it.

The light side is, I got to pull my daughter’s tooth. My first time personally pulling out one of my children’s teeth. 😄