What Is This Thing Called LOVE?

L. O. V. E.

What the heck is it? So many claim to possess it but when they really I mean truly come into contact with it they flee. The word love is used so often its true meaning has been diluted into lustful thoughts and pitiful excuses for “love.”

Love is not an all day every happy go lucky thing, No! Love hurts sometimes love makes you think and grow. Love does not simply hold you in one place of happiness and never let go. Love forces you to see yourself and change for the better. Love steps all over your toes and makes them ache so bad that you move them in the right direction. Love is kind indeed so with every pain that comes in love a sweet kiss follows. Love does bring joy a joy that is not easy to explain.

Love cannot be simply summed up in a poem or a speech or even a book for that matter because love is great. Love survives because its long-suffering so it does not fade it grows stronger with time. Love starts off bliss but it must grow beyond the sweetness and get to the bitter and then beyond the bitter to the savory.

Love…the word is so simple but so complex. Love reaches past your feelings hooks onto your intellect and anchors through your soul. Love should not be taken lightly but rather embarked upon with wisdom and as a long voyage for which you have to come prepared so as not to faint in the process.

True love is like growing a garden of roses. See God may plant the seeds in the individuals but they must be cultivated, taken care of. The seeds must be watered when needed and given sunlight to grow and in due season your garden will grow. You can’t rush into it too soon because your roses may not blossom or they may blossom out of season and die early.

So, when you think you’ve found love PRAY! Be patient, be kind, be long-suffering, be slow to anger/raft, do not be jealous for love will prevail. True love is not always hard to find. No, I beg to differ true love is hard to see because we are looking through the wrong eyes. See love the way God sees it ask him for a pair of glasses so you can see as if through His eyes.