No Limits

I used to pray such specific prayers, "Lord if this meant to be make this happen like this in this time frame. " I was so determined that God would do the "impossible" in the way that I wanted Him to of I "asked" in such manner. Yet what I failed to take heed to … Continue reading No Limits

No More Subpar

No more project men, No more fixer uppers, No more waiting for readiness, No more neglecting my needs, No more. I know what I want and I have to believe I will receive it and all that I need along with it. It's coming, the moment I set the bar and believe is the moment … Continue reading No More Subpar

Speak Up

Why didn't you tell me this sooner, When my heart was aching as I packed my things, Why didn't you stop me then? Why didn't you tell me not to go? Why didn't you offer to talk it out? I wasn't important then? ?!? Where was your hand to pull me back in? Your embrace … Continue reading Speak Up