requiem for a dreamer… –



Why do you insist on dragging that rotted piece of wood around?
You take a step forward and stumble each time as you lean on this unstable thing.
You won’t get very far like that.
In fact that broken side you have would heal faster if you forced yourself to walk without it.
Then before you know it you’ll be running full speed ahead again.
But you gotta get rid of the crutch.
Because right now these “minor” stumbles are causing you to reopen major wombs.
And if you never heal you’ll never leave this spot.
Don’t you want more, don’t you want to see more, have more, be more? !
I know it hurts sweety and I hate to see you cry but seeing you walk into promise is more important than not seeing your tears.
Don’t stay crippled,
The power to walk is in your hands.

Out The Box

Play offense box ’em out,
But never let ’em box you in again,
You broke out for a reason,
And you met key people that very day,
Don’t forget the message!



And run with the right circle!


Get there and eat together!

Truth Hurts But Speak It

Crazy thing,
I want to apologize for something you don’t know I did/said,
You would never know if I never say,
Yet I yearn to apologize,
So I’m battling my conscience,
What if I was right about what I said?
Wait no, I was speaking from pain,
He doesn’t know this person,
But I know and it bothers me,
This would be an awkward situation,
What has been said of me when I’m not there to people/the person I’ll never meet?
Look at him,
Talk to him,
Tell him,
Do something….
“Can we talk?”
Wait no,
What if the other person was right?…
Doesn’t matter it’s not about that,
It’s the principle,
He’s truthful,
We were open and honest,
Even if dynamics are slightly different,
Remain open and honest about things.
Tell him,
Look at him,
Find a way.