I’m Grateful For…

I know I missed posting yesterday so today I’ll try to post twice. 

December 21, 2016

Tradition. Although tradition is also something I’m trying to get away from, in this case I’m grateful for it. About 2/3 years ago I started the gingerbread house tradition with my kids. It was/is a way to spend quality time with them before they leave me for Christmas. This year we’ll be together but they still are leaving for our trip to New Orleans earlier than I am. I’m just greatful for being able to do something with them consistently that they can look forward too.

To be amongst the “alphas”. 😊  I was honored to be considered an alpha female during a training. Now to some that may seem silly. But you’d have to know me to understand why that’s somewhat of an accomplishment in my eyes. For many years I’ve let that side of me take a backseat to my more submissive side and I’m not looking to make the submissive part of me dissolve by any means. What I am trying to do is be a beast when it comes to handling my business and not at all a push over. That being said I’m happy that my progress has become evident to others. 

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