Today is going to be a great day! I finally got my son’s baby pictures off of my laptop that crashed like 7 years ago. I held on to it and did absolutely nothing with it hoping that someone would be able to fix it without losing the pictures one day. Maybe I was just asking the wrong people back then because they’d always say it wasn’t possible. But, HA, Hahaha!!! Yes! It is done! So much for impossible!

I also was able to get the password removed off of my other laptop so I cam get back in it. Silly me I forgot it after about 6 months of not using it. So, I have been given the option to trade them both in for a discount on another used one. However, I also have an old pc at the house with no monitor. So, I’m trying to decide should I just trade the oldest laptop in for a monitor so I can have a desk top.  Or should I trade in the old pc and the oldest laptop in for a whole new desk top? Hmmm, decisions decisions. I’m going to sit on it for a day though. 
Anywho, hippie everyone has a safe and happy new year! Ttyl!


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