“I Think You’re Trash”

How do you respond?

“Why thank you!”

“King David was trash too, he was just a shepherd boy but he was still the chosen one, and even as a king his ‘weak’ ass heart, oops I mean flesh caused him to fuck up but he was still chosen”

“Saul was trash too, ran around persecuting the very ones he ended up dying for because he was still chosen”

“Peter was trash he bailed on his friend and lied to save his own ass but he was still a chosen one”

“Jonah was trash he was too scared to do what he was called to do so he was swallowed by a whale until he submitted but he was still the chosen one”

“Joseph was trash to his brothers, him and his damn dreams and favor made his brothers leave him for dead and sell him into slavery but he was still the chosen one and still blessed those very ones that cursed him when he got on”

“Moses was trash he couldn’t even talk right but he was chosen to speak for the people”

You damn right I’m trash but it ain’t stopping shit! Lol, I’m blessed, grateful and chosen. Now run and tell dat!!



And then she came along,

To rock our world and change our family dynamic,



The change she has brought about,

In just 7 days.

She is “Singer” “Dew of heaven” Mills.

Chantel Taliya Mills

I’m Grateful For: Pattern 


Pit pit patter

Pat pat pitter


You got a


Ever ending


Old habits die hard

Your pattern leaves scars

On  hearts

Like tire marks from cars

But you never mean to

You just do what you feel you have to

Don’t get discouraged Beau

Just do you

Let them mark your pattern

As long as

You own the consequences you earn

From your

I’m grateful for, recognizing and owning my pattern.

I’m Grateful For…

December 22, 2016

The roller coaster of a year it has been. I mean it has really been truly up and down and up and down and up and down. Between this time last year and today I have moved four times. I have been through about four cars, not including the one I wrecked of my brothers or even the one I borrowed of my dad’s for a while. I could definitely add much more detail to paint the picture of the roller coaster  but that’s not the whole point of this post. The point of this post is how truly GRATEFUL I am for ALL of it. The happy moments and the very depressing ones. The nights I went to bed unable to shake my smile and the nights I stayed up unable to shake my tears. I rejoice now knowing it all took place to get me to this point. This point of knowing that no matter what comes my way: 1. God is in control! 2. Failure is only a set up for success 3. I can adapt and move forward. This year has taught me so much about myself and my children. My eyes have been open to see beyond myself and I’ve been forced to grow up. It hurt to get here, like running field of knives with a piece of your ripping apart with every stride but there’s no point in turning around because behind you is death and ahead of you is new life. So you push through it and the closer you get to the new life the faster you run and the less you notice the pain from the knives because you stop focusing on the pain and you see is the promise of a future far better than your past. For that I’m beyond grateful. I don’t think words could truly express what this crazy hectic year has done for me. But I’ll show you!



I’m Grateful For….

December 20, 2016

So, you all may not be aware of my life story at this current moment but long story super short version, I had to start over for the second time this year a little over a month ago. By start over I mean not only items around my home but my home itself, my job, my car, finances like EVERYTHING. That’s a story for another day though. Tonight I’m just happy I now have a microwave. 😀 My coworker was kind enough to give it to me because she and her boyfriend just moved in together  and they both had microwaves. So, she gave me the extra one. I know a microwave seems like a small thing and it’s not that I don’t like to cook because I do, it’s just heating up leftovers in the oven/on the stove with 2 elementary aged children can get to be a bit much. Especially the nights I get in a little later than planned and just need a quick meal for them to fill up their bellies. Problem solved now! I sent her a Marco ( a video messaging app she showed me) message thanking her that now my kids could enjoy their first bowl of popcorn in the new place. You never realize how much the little things count until you’re in a position that every little thing really does make a difference. I’m grateful for Camilla, she was my blessing tonight!

I’m also grateful for the way my kids pray. Each night I’ve been trying to make it a habit to pray with them before they go to sleep. Which it hasn’t been too hard because my son will ask me to do it a million times until I actually come upstairs to do it. I mean pretty much from the time we walk in the door until it’s time for them to go to bed he’ll ask over and over. I can say yes and he’ll still ask again in between transitions until actual bedtime. I think it’s just his way of saying “mommy please don’t forget”. And I actually appreciate that too to be honest. So, they each say their individual prayers out loud and then I finish up and say one as well and we collectively say amen at the end. I noticed tonight that most of their prayer if not all of it is “thank you God for…”. They don’t go to God like we (or maybe just I) do. Not that I don’t give thanks because I do and maybe that’s where they got it from. It’s just that is the bulk of their prayer, THANK YOU. That’s such a beautiful thing to me. It is my hope that they stay that way. I’m sure people might say it’s because they are children and don’t know much about pain or struggle so that’s why they just thank. However, given what has taken place in their lives this year due to my own lack of better judgement at times, I would beg to differ. They know how to express pain and they have experienced it but yet all they know to do or choose to say when they pray is thank you. Just as we as people are more open to do for those who show us gratitude and appreciation, wouldn’t you think God would do the same if not more? So, I hope they stay that way and I believe if they do many doors will be open for them in their lifetime. I’m grateful for the gratefulness of my beautiful blessings aka my children.

I’m Grateful For…

December 19, 2016

Opportunity. Today I got the opportunity to kind of step up and show what I could do at work. It was exciting and at first slightly overwhelming. I could feel the slight anxiety trying to creep up as I looked at all that needed to be done. I wasn’t quite sure what order to start doing things in nor how I was going to keep up with it in my chaotic way. However, I didn’t let that feeling take over. Each time it tried I said a quick prayer on the inside. I got through it! For that I’m grateful and I guess a bit proud.

I’d like to write more and it’s not that I’m not grateful for more but I’m a bit tired tonight. So, stay blessed! Good night.

I’m Grateful For…

December 18, 2016

Humor. I’m grateful for a good sense of human. Laughter is said to be the best medicine. If you ever take the time to get to know me then you’d know I love to laugh. I tend to find humor in a lot of things. Sometimes I find myself quickly reverting to humor when I should probably be a bit more serious. However, I still have a very..VERY serious side. But all in all I’m happy that I have been given the ability, perhaps gift, to not always take life too seriously.