Don’t Sell Yourself Short 

Dream big, 

And let them tell you no, 

Before you tell yourself you can’t, 

And even then, 

Don’t stop until you get a yes!


Luv Language…

HeartSongPoet (Me) is back at it just for a second. I’m reading a book I probably should have read a while ago, definitely before I made the decision I made last July. Although romantic love is no longer one of the primary focuses of this blog I won’t count out the idea of it existing again one day in my life. In the mean time as I work on myself I have decided to take on reading something to help me the next time romance decides to meander my way.

Thanks to a fellow blogger MultidemensionalHe (go on check ’em out) I took the quiz myself to find out my “Love Language”. I do believe it was dead on and perhaps when I’m feeling generous enough I may share with you all what my results were. If you haven’t taken the test I suggest doing so. It helped me understand why certain things are more damaging to me than others in a relationship and why certain things mean more to me than others.

The book is actually titled  5 Love Languages and by clicking the link you can purchase a paperback copy for under $10 and it’s free shipping worldwide. So, as I learn more about myself and others I may decide to share more on the matter.

In the mean time here is also some local music from Agent Midi a producer in my area. I heard this song after listening to a few tracks on SoundCloud from another artist I have featured up here Liion Gamble. I fell in love with it and have played it like a million times back to back (I’m only exaggerating a very tiny bit).

So, read the book, share the song.

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music.



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Every Little Step I Take…

Every step counts!

Lately I’ve been a little off my game. I really want this blog to flourish and in due season it will, this I know. I have so many ideas that I want to get under way but each idea takes time and individual steps in order for the whole thing to work. Man has that become tedious. Patience is yet to be one of my strengths when it comes to certain things and bringing ideas to life is one of those things I wish could just happen over night. However, it doesn’t work like that.

So, I have been focusing on one step at a time. Whether it be writing something one day, promoting via twitter and social media the next, working on pieces to my journal, or meeting with professionals to get my ideas off the ground safely. I have to keep reminding myself that all the little things will add up. I’ve already completed the task of merging all my blogs, reorganizing the site and changing the theme/design. So, at some point you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things you’ve done.

If you (the readers in reader land) are pressing towards goals in your life I hope you take the time to congratulate yourself as well on the little steps! Have a wonderful prosperous day even if you only get passed the small steps.

(Oh, and do take the time to enjoy the song. Yes I am watching the New Edition Story on BET & Centric and so far it is great!)

Don’t Forget to stop and hear the music

Who Am I Living For…

Good day all!

So, as some of you may know and others may not know, I am a licensed real estate agent here in North Carolina. I have been licensed now since December 2008 and before then I spent a lot of time shadowing my mom who got her license when I was in high school. Initially I got my license at her adamant request. I was pregnant with my first child at the time and I figured why not. At 21 I got my license on the first shot (yes I am proud of myself and thank God for that accomplishment).

What does this have to do with the title? Well since then I’ve let some things fall by the wayside from lack of motivation or feeling pressured to make choices simply because of what others desire for me. So, tonight I had to remind myself who I’m doing this for. Some people use vision boards (I too am working on one) and some people are like me. I need it to be a little more tangible. Pictures on a board aren’t always enough.

So what did I do? I took a look at some houses up for sale in my area in the prices range I feel comfortable with for a first home/investment property. Seeing what’s available now and knowing that I need to keep pushing so that I don’t have to just look at these and think “man I wish I had the funds to get that now…”.  I reminded myself to keep lowering my expenses (stop blowing unnecessary $$$) and work towards building assets. Like Robert Kiyosaki said: WEALTH = ASSETS  ≥ EXPENSES.


By the way if you haven’t read Rich Dad Poor Dad I encourage you to do so! It’s only $7.11 through the link above to the book depository and it’s well worth it!


Don’t forget to stop and hear the music.

Allow Me To Reintroduce Myself…

Good Morning All!

So, as you know I’m in the process of revamping my blog. I am also planning to merge all of my blogs into one. I haven’t decided what I’ll name the blog in it’s entirety but I have decided that I’ll keep the names of the others and use them as the titles for categories.

Another change, I used to have my picture up here as my avatar. For some reason one day it was removed but not by me. It wasn’t too long after a run in with another blogger. So, I’ll be keeping that back up there. Not only will I do that but the plan is to eventually link the blog to my personal Facebook page. With that being said for those of you who don’t know my actual name (outside of Ms. Me) let me introduce myself. Hi, I’m Chanita, born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I have many plans for this blog this year as stated multiple times at this point. I really am excited about them all. I have even joined a local meet up group of WP bloggers in my area. I know in times past you all have always had a window into my romantic life but I plan to open up and show you more of me. Not that I’m so super important because I’m not. I just would like to explore writing about more things because there’s so much more than just romance that crosses my mind daily.

It is my hope to gain more WP friends along the way and who knows maybe some of you are already in my area and I’ll actually get to meet you. Either way this community has been a part of my life as stated for about 5 years now, I don’t know what I’d do without you  wait let me rephrase that, I have grown very accustom to you all.

Alright, gotta run, ttyl!

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music!

Guess What I Did Today…

So for starters I did steal the title from the Case song Happily Ever After, so when you read it read the way he sings it. LOL! Music is always going to be a part of my soul. Anywho, on to the important stuff.

So, I actually started the process a little while a go. I read up on how to make money blogging from: Smart Blogger  by Jon Morrow. I was googling how to make money blogging because I figured it would be nice to make a little side money doing something I’ve been doing for the past 4 or 5 years. I mean I’ve created about 6 blogs all together. I was maintaining 3 of them all at once for the first year or two and then I trickled down to just this one and one other. That being said I’ve spent a lot of my time using this blog and the others as a public yet private diary for strangers to gaze at when they feel like it and hit the like button to make me feel special 🙂 ( by the way feel free to hit the like on this one I need to start taking stats more seriously).

Welp, I read his article How to Make Money Blogging: How This Blog Makes $100K per Month. Very useful and honest I must say, well worth the read if you’re interested in taking this journey with me. However, the first thing I thought when reading was I just want to do this as side money. Then about 10 seconds later I read the line in which said this is a horrible way to make side money LOL. I said geesh he must know me. So, then he talks about how it takes about 3-5 years to really break into this industry of blogging for dollars. In my head I’m just annoyed at the idea of so much time passing by with no results. But I still decided to subscribe just in case I wise up and decide to commit to something. After all I stated before I’ve already committed 4/5 years to blogging without receiving a single penny.

So, as you may or may not know, I’m not sure I left the post up long enough for you to know, but I went to New Orleans for Christmas. Great trip but that’s not what the post is about. On the way home my brain decided to think about ideas again :-o. It’s always lovely when that happens. So, I came up with an idea of how I’m going to use my blog to accomplish some financial freedom goals. YES!

What does any of this have to do with the title? Today I took a pledge after reading one of my emails from Jon Morrow. Today I married my blog. Today I pledged to take my blogging seriously. Hear the wedding bells yet??? I’m so excited and looking forward to the ups and downs and as you all know I love sharing my love life up here so I will definitely keep doing so with this new marriage.

Until next time!


Good Morning all and welcome to a new year.

This blog and all of my blogs have been mostly about love for a long time. That has pretty much been because I’ve been this “hopeless romantic” for so long. However, this year things will change. Not that deep down that isn’t who I am because it is. It just that last year took a lot out of my heart. I lost my best friend, thought I found another one, fell for the wrong person, reconnected with my best friend, married my best friend and lost him again. Followed my heart to a dead end and I just have had it with all the love stuff. A heart can only take so much. Everybody has somebody but sometimes I think people are meant to be alone, perhaps I’m one of those people. In all honesty I’m slowly getting used to it anyway.

So, this year it’s time to take different action. Love is no longer the focus. If anyone catches me slipping into that area too deep feel free to remind me, change is in need. I already started my steps before the year ended last year (lol although last year was just yesterday).

With the plans I have ahead of me I’d like to start blogging about: financial goals, positive mindset and hopefully I’ll be introducing a new book.

I hope that you all will still stick around for the change and bring someone else along with you.


Have a productive and prosperous new year everyone!