And then she came along,

To rock our world and change our family dynamic,



The change she has brought about,

In just 7 days.

She is “Singer” “Dew of heaven” Mills.

Chantel Taliya Mills


Paradise Is In Your Mind…

Me: “Where do you think you are?!”

My Son: “Paradise”….

This conversation was about marshmallows that my son took the liberty of grabbing out  of my dad’s refrigerator and began munching on. I was heated that he would do such a thing without asking. Yet his response after I spoke to him about why at that moment it wasn’t quite appropriate to do so, made me think. He felt he was in paradise.

Given the current circumstances here in the great US of A I felt that response is something we all could learn from. If not us all, I certainly took it as a learning moment for myself. It made me think back a bit to Matthew 6 in the Bible when Jesus talks about God providing for His children. The key thing about that last portion of the chapter, for me anyway, was to not worry and know that all that I (we) have need of will be provided.

And perhaps I’m reading too deep but perhaps my child has a better/more innocent view on paradise than I do. Despite what goes on with this country and in our individual lives paradise really does start in the mind. If you believe that you can do then you will do and no one can stop you but you. A little faith goes a long way and it’s all about how you choose to look at your own circumstance. My son believes that being at granddaddy’s house is being in paradise so he can have whatever he likes (lol) and he acted on that. Now, I’m not saying to just do things lawlessly. I’m saying don’t let the fear of man hold you back in your mind from believing that you can still accomplish your goals in life no matter who is “in charge” of this country.

Hopefully my Sunday night ramble reaches someone somewhere but if it doesn’t I got something from it and I guess that’s all that matters. 🙂

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music

Excuse Me

Baby let me whisper in your ear,
Darling you are not perfect but you are the best thing I know,
Sweet heart they’ll never love you like me,
Because honey they just don’t know you like me,
You don’t have a perfect body,
But you sure do have it going on in my eyes,
That smile of yours lights up my eyes,
You might not always be the sweetest,
But you’re sweet enough for me,
Yes you’ve got things to work on,
But I’m in love with your mind,
Your heart may be tarnished,
But it’s value is still priceless,
So when others come and try to rock your world,
You just remember how much I love you,
Don’t let them get too close,
I’m the one for you,
Yes you, you there in the mirror



Ms. Me

Jazmine Sullivan – Excuse Me (Audio):

(Written May 12, 2014)

Truth Hurts

I’m laden with hidden insecurities,
Built up over time from breakdowns in self confidence over the years and or the lack of experiences to establish it.
Constantly measuring my self worth through relationship failures and the eyes of others.
I think that if I’m not interesting at all times to the one I partner/want to partner with that I’ll lose them.
I feel like I don’t always have a lot to bring to the table to out weigh all the baggage I do bring to the table.
My body isn’t what it once was before my dumb decisions.
I need to talk about my problems but I don’t want to be a debbie downer.
I feel like my parenting skills suck sometimes and I missed opportunities to correct behaviors to establish a norm to eliminate problems I now have with my children.
It’s hard doing this alone but how will I ever attract anyone if I don’t have a good enough handle on this already.
Will anyone want to give me more children?

I fear that trusting people results in my most intimate thoughts/feelings being left exposed and exploited.


(Written February 15, 2016)

What Are We?

Let’s keep it low key,
We don’t even have titles,
But I’m feeling entitled,
I hate that, my mind goes there
And you’re tempting even when you’re not here,

Am I committed solely to an idea?
Or is this actually a possibility?

Rubbing your back
Feeding your belly
Helping get your hair right
All these bring me pleasure it’s true
But the question remains where do I stand with you?

It’s like a game and I don’t want to get pinched trying to squeeze my way out.

(Written March 13, 2016)

Falling in Love With Me

I just want to fall in love again,

Fall in love again,  fall in love again,

With who I am, who I am.

So let me free, let me free again,

To blow in the wind.

Because I can’t be tamed, I can’t.

So let me free again,

To fall in love with who I am.


(Written October 2, 2016)

A Time To Heal

So there are more tears to be shed, so what girl you’ll be alright but get them out.

Get them out now.

Your pain radiates deep, dig deep in those wounds and begin to stitch.

You’ve been dressing these craters with band-aids for much too long.

It’s time to really heal.

Forgive,  forgive them and forgive yourself.

You wanted those experiences to be beautiful and beauty did come of it.

Your choices weren’t that great and you suffered consequences that left their bitter marks on your heart but it’s time to heal.