Money Grammar

I’m a sucker for bank rolls

And million billion dollar strokes

Sling a few yams to buy me new clothes

Call me high saditty ms prissy I got a few goals

Ain’t no going to night school

I’m just bag’n a pro, if you know, you know

And I know you wanna make my knees touch my elbows

But let me break it down slow to this flow, here it go

If you ain’t got no bread it’s a no go

Every time I bust mine I’m saying gimme some dough

He say he like that when I hit em with that line

He hit me right back saying he ready for next time

And he got no problem with me speaking my mind

This ain’t no tricking game I’m no pigeon for countin’ my dimes

“Who she think she is?” Talking about a chic

“Er’body probably jealous cuz you got this shhhh”

But ain’t nobody else bout to cop my d….

Should I apologize for f’n and getting rich

Hell Nah I just leave em pissed

Andale andale papi I’m poppin tonight


Get a load of this money grammar

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