Sunshine Blogger Award

1. What motivates you the most?

Hmm…reward honestly and also knowing I accomplished something that perhaps someone thought I couldn’t. I guess overcoming my fears is a motivation as well.

2. What topic do you love the most to write about?

Love, lust and all the things that come with it

3. Which comment had the biggest impact on you?

I’m not sure if this is about comments on my blog but if so…hmmm, a former blogger “friend” made a comment on my blog 7 years ago and it sparked an unexpected love hate relationship lol. So I guess that was the most impactful comment.

4. What do you do to get inspired?

I go outside and observe others or listen to music or sometimes people watch on social media.

5. What’s the biggest mistake you’ve done?

I recently wrote about it actually. I said I do for the wrong reason(s), to put it simply.

6. How many true friends do you have?

I honestly don’t know, I thought/think I had/have one, other than family that is. I’d like to make more but I’m kind of living life in reverse, I would think most people at 30 would have already made friends.

7. What do you do for a living?

I’m a property manager

8. Which person had the biggest impact on how you think?

Hmm….perhaps the person I mentioned earlier and my parents, maybe

9. What’s your favorite hobby?

Creating and music

10. Who is your favorite actor and why?

Morgan Freeman because he’s a classic lol

11. What sentence would you use to describe your life so far?

My life is a movie full of plot twists, lmao!

I unfortunately don’t have any nominations right now but I will try to add some later. Thank you DM, Pointless Overthinking for nominating me. Don’t think I followed the format right but I wanted to at least respond to the questions.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Just seeing this too. I’m featured in about 2 or 3 of your answers. Wish I saw this around the time you wrote it but better late than never. I love you. I hate you. I love you again. I hate you again. No matter what something is there. And as long as something is there that means care is there. The passion is STRONG with this ONE. 💪🏽☀️👴🏽👵🏽

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