Luv Language…

HeartSongPoet (Me) is back at it just for a second. I’m reading a book I probably should have read a while ago, definitely before I made the decision I made last July. Although romantic love is no longer one of the primary focuses of this blog I won’t count out the idea of it existing again one day in my life. In the mean time as I work on myself I have decided to take on reading something to help me the next time romance decides to meander my way.

Thanks to a fellow blogger MultidemensionalHe (go on check ’em out) I took the quiz myself to find out my “Love Language”. I do believe it was dead on and perhaps when I’m feeling generous enough I may share with you all what my results were. If you haven’t taken the test I suggest doing so. It helped me understand why certain things are more damaging to me than others in a relationship and why certain things mean more to me than others.

The book is actually titled  5 Love Languages and by clicking the link you can purchase a paperback copy for under $10 and it’s free shipping worldwide. So, as I learn more about myself and others I may decide to share more on the matter.

In the mean time here is also some local music from Agent Midi a producer in my area. I heard this song after listening to a few tracks on SoundCloud from another artist I have featured up here Liion Gamble. I fell in love with it and have played it like a million times back to back (I’m only exaggerating a very tiny bit).

So, read the book, share the song.

Don’t forget to stop and hear the music.



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