Every Little Step I Take…

Every step counts!

Lately I’ve been a little off my game. I really want this blog to flourish and in due season it will, this I know. I have so many ideas that I want to get under way but each idea takes time and individual steps in order for the whole thing to work. Man has that become tedious. Patience is yet to be one of my strengths when it comes to certain things and bringing ideas to life is one of those things I wish could just happen over night. However, it doesn’t work like that.

So, I have been focusing on one step at a time. Whether it be writing something one day, promoting via twitter and social media the next, working on pieces to my journal, or meeting with professionals to get my ideas off the ground safely. I have to keep reminding myself that all the little things will add up. I’ve already completed the task of merging all my blogs, reorganizing the site and changing the theme/design. So, at some point you have to pat yourself on the back for the little things you’ve done.

If you (the readers in reader land) are pressing towards goals in your life I hope you take the time to congratulate yourself as well on the little steps! Have a wonderful prosperous day even if you only get passed the small steps.

(Oh, and do take the time to enjoy the song. Yes I am watching the New Edition Story on BET & Centric and so far it is great!)

Don’t Forget to stop and hear the music



  1. T. Wayne · January 27, 2017

    Didn’t watch the New Edition miniseries (I know, I probably should have). But I’ve heard it’s good, so maybe I can catch it on demand.

    • Ms. Me/Chanita · January 27, 2017

      Yeah it’s been great! I recorded the whole thing, tonight was the first night I didn’t watch it. Was at a UNC basketball game. You should def check it out though

      • T. Wayne · January 27, 2017

        Well, if you gotta miss New Edition, I suppose a UNC basketball game is a good excuse :).

        Thanks for the recommendation.

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