Excuse Me

Baby let me whisper in your ear,
Darling you are not perfect but you are the best thing I know,
Sweet heart they’ll never love you like me,
Because honey they just don’t know you like me,
You don’t have a perfect body,
But you sure do have it going on in my eyes,
That smile of yours lights up my eyes,
You might not always be the sweetest,
But you’re sweet enough for me,
Yes you’ve got things to work on,
But I’m in love with your mind,
Your heart may be tarnished,
But it’s value is still priceless,
So when others come and try to rock your world,
You just remember how much I love you,
Don’t let them get too close,
I’m the one for you,
Yes you, you there in the mirror



Ms. Me

Jazmine Sullivan – Excuse Me (Audio): http://youtu.be/OVyB-ai9z3I

(Written May 12, 2014)


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