Truth Hurts

I’m laden with hidden insecurities,
Built up over time from breakdowns in self confidence over the years and or the lack of experiences to establish it.
Constantly measuring my self worth through relationship failures and the eyes of others.
I think that if I’m not interesting at all times to the one I partner/want to partner with that I’ll lose them.
I feel like I don’t always have a lot to bring to the table to out weigh all the baggage I do bring to the table.
My body isn’t what it once was before my dumb decisions.
I need to talk about my problems but I don’t want to be a debbie downer.
I feel like my parenting skills suck sometimes and I missed opportunities to correct behaviors to establish a norm to eliminate problems I now have with my children.
It’s hard doing this alone but how will I ever attract anyone if I don’t have a good enough handle on this already.
Will anyone want to give me more children?

I fear that trusting people results in my most intimate thoughts/feelings being left exposed and exploited.


(Written February 15, 2016)

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