Good Morning all and welcome to a new year.

This blog and all of my blogs have been mostly about love for a long time. That has pretty much been because I’ve been this “hopeless romantic” for so long. However, this year things will change. Not that deep down that isn’t who I am because it is. It just that last year took a lot out of my heart. I lost my best friend, thought I found another one, fell for the wrong person, reconnected with my best friend, married my best friend and lost him again. Followed my heart to a dead end and I just have had it with all the love stuff. A heart can only take so much. Everybody has somebody but sometimes I think people are meant to be alone, perhaps I’m one of those people. In all honesty I’m slowly getting used to it anyway.

So, this year it’s time to take different action. Love is no longer the focus. If anyone catches me slipping into that area too deep feel free to remind me, change is in need. I already started my steps before the year ended last year (lol although last year was just yesterday).

With the plans I have ahead of me I’d like to start blogging about: financial goals, positive mindset and hopefully I’ll be introducing a new book.

I hope that you all will still stick around for the change and bring someone else along with you.


Have a productive and prosperous new year everyone!



  1. T. Wayne · January 1, 2017

    Best of luck on your new journey!

    • Ms. Me · January 1, 2017


      • T. Wayne · January 1, 2017

        You’re welcome.

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