I’m Grateful For…

December 17, 2016

The beautiful children in my life. My two knuckle heads, my nephew and my “niece” (my friend Pam’s daughter.) Although, they all have the potential to drive me up the wall and make me want to pull my hair out, LOL, they are still little angels in their own way. They are full of love and opinions. Their little bodies are so full of energy sometimes it blows me how they just keep going like the energizer bunny. Hardheaded at times, yes but still able to bring joy to my life. It’s almost as if I couldn’t repay them for what they give me. As adults we provide and protect but children bless us beyond material things. Not that we adults don’t offer beyond the material ourselves it’s just their innocence gives us a fresh taste of what we sometimes have grown away from. Their honesty is even unique. They don’t quite fear hurting feelings yet they have a way of saying the most honest thing that could potential cut deep in your heart in a way that makes elixir taste like honey. I don’t know if I really could word that perfectly but hopefully I worded it well enough to get the point across. The children in our lives are a blessing to us more than we are their blessing, period. I’m grateful for all the gentile reminders of that.




One comment

  1. MultidimensionalHE · December 18, 2016

    Yes they are. I love all of the Kiddos in my Family!!

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