The Island Trip

No more dark water dreaming,

The waters I dream of are clear blues and greens,

The sky is sunny there, 

And I am unashamed of being naked, 

Even with my children, 

Exposed to the sunlight, 

Egar to get my perfectly straightened hair wet and messy, 

I’m the star in this show/dream, 

No drama in sight.

Oh what a beautiful night it was, 

In my dreams last night. 



  1. Scott Mitchell · December 7, 2016

    Get freshly straitened hair wet??? :-O
    Jk, beautiful poem of the dream. I wrote one similar once and it was from a real dream. I was on the beach with a dear friend that was going through some same stuff as me. The beach was like the destiny we’d both hoped for in life and all we could do is laugh, to finally be out of the world of pain we previously knew. Sounds weird I guess…

    • Ms. Me · December 7, 2016

      No, sounds almost exactly like mine. This was a real dream I had last night. And yeah I wanted to make sure I wrote about that part with the hair bc it meant that I no longer put stock in such vain things. I was free to live in peace

      • Scott Mitchell · December 7, 2016

        Understood. I kinda thought it meant that

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