The Buck Stops Here!

I’ve seen the ugly, 

I’ve watched the one I love torture my heart and the heart of my children because he was in pain. 

I sat back and and just took the verbal beatings and collected emotional scars, watched my children’s hearts bleed.

I let it break me down and cause me to lash out.

I  defended the pain caused at the hand of my lover like it was a pain I deserved. 

I became ugly and let it corrode my heart and mind. 

Then I cried for help I didn’t actually want. 

Until. ..

My eyes were open to their pain, my heart ached for their future and my daughter’s  face in my place came to mind. 

I was setting her up to be right here enduring  the same unnecessary pain. 

No more!

The buck stops here!


  1. Scott Mitchell · November 2, 2016

    MANY people need to decide that. So many spin their wheels their entire life, never realizing the logic

    • Ms. Me · November 3, 2016

      I know. I just had to have my eyes open to see that this was a pattern I was about to keep my family stuck in if I didn’t decide to change it. Hopefully many people will make that choice

      • Scott Mitchell · November 3, 2016

        Well you have my best wishes and prayers. You can do this

      • Ms. Me · November 3, 2016

        Thank you!

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