No Limits

I used to pray such specific prayers,
“Lord if this meant to be make this happen like this in this time frame. ”
I was so determined that God would do the “impossible” in the way that I wanted Him to of I “asked” in such manner.
Yet what I failed to take heed to was His voice and that He’s not a genie in a bottle.
He would answer my prayers to rebuild my faith but I felt there was still something missing, I needed more signs.
All along what was missing was His plan/His will
I’d say nevertheless thy will be done oh God but my heart wanted my will my way honestly, I didn’t want to hear no.
All the while I was digging my own crater of false hope, tossing frivolous dreams in it and expecting the miraculous.
Folly, it’s a funny thing.
Now I’m sitting back and watching true miracles take place once again and changes taking place.
Yet my prayer isn’t that God be my cosmic bell hop,
I’m asking for His will and His way and I mean it!
I don’t have to be too specific because He knows the desire of my heart and His timing is not like mine.
He’s in control and even when I stray I’m never too far from His love and grace.
I don’t have to ask Him to help me swim in my sins so I don’t down anymore.
I ask that he help me walk on water if I fall over board until I get back to dry land.
Oh God keep me near the cross!
There is no limit to His power when I trust His way!

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