Forget Me Not Pt 2

Pain, frustration and disappointment
I’m so sick of knowing the 3 all too well,
I feel like for so long I’ve been living through hell,
I know there’s people going through worse but my own story is all I can tell,
I said I didn’t want romance because it places me under this emotional spell,
And I keep fighting for my finances but debt is hot on my trail,
My kids need my attention but balancing all this shit with being a parent is kicking my tail,
And if I don’t dig deep and hang on I’m afraid I might fail,
Feeling like I’m in competition with the next bitch but I’m not up for sale,
Told you these relationship “ifs” cause my thoughts to derail,
My focus is supposed to be getting that $10,000+ check stub in the mail,
And teaching my kids that God is the only one they should hail,
Trying to keep my head up because everything is not all and well,
In my mind the world around me looks like a bomb just fell,
But I refuse to leave this life having had nothing but an empty shell,
The goal is to leave my mark like a euphoric smell.



  1. gzoya · March 28, 2016

    I love this!

    • Ms. Me · March 28, 2016

      Thank you!

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