Forget Me Not

You say often times you forget your days,
Well that’s fine and totally okay,
But can you promise that you’ll never forget me,
Because if I ever have to wean myself off of you it won’t happen without difficulty,
Although at times I feel it is totally necessary,
I’ve become too attached and the burden of heartache is something I’m unwilling to carry,
I don’t want to get overly emotional,
But this addiction is beyond the physical,
That’s what makes it quite frightening,
Your intellect and over all ora is rather enlightening,
Yet your hesitations I cannot keep overlooking,
Here soon a lot will be changing,
And yet I fear not having your time and attention,
So here I am praying for devine intervention,
That God will keep me from feeling these things,
And help me be patient for what He will soon enough bring,
But no matter the outcome with you,
To you this song I sing:

…when you talk about the greatest I really hope that you think of me, I just really hope that you think of me…cuz I’m trying to be unforgettable.

😆😘 lol but really


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