She’s A Glitch

I’m not friendly anymore,
I don’t know if it was having children or just the loss of trust in people since having them that caused this.
Not that my children are to blame,
They aren’t at all.
I just experienced a lot during that time,
And I don’t know “friendship” anymore.
I desire it and fear it all at once.
Maybe I’m just too selfish.
I used to care about people,
I used to want to make a difference in other’s lives.
I still want to be different and be inspirational but I don’t really want to get close to people.
I don’t know what happened to the person I once was but she died.
And I don’t hate who I am now,
I feel I’m growing but I still don’t get this void.
I don’t know how to fix this glitch.




  1. Har+new · February 15, 2016


    • Ms. Me · February 16, 2016

      That’s how I was feeling

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