Carnal Thoughts

So I intended to write this awesome post about this revelation God allow me to see yesterday but then circumstances went hey wire again. So if this post isn’t as grand as I had initially intended hopefully you’ll still understand what it’s about.



This is what I had the pleasure of driving yesterday and will drive today while my car is down. My dad’s soon to be wife is a pretty nice lady to trust me with her baby.

So, while riding in this car I noticed my own thought pattern, like a different kind of self consciousness invaded my thoughts. Part of it was me not wanting to look like I “got it like that” before I get there; on the other hand part of me wondered who’s looking and who’s “hating”. The latter thought(s) is what bothered me, I battled myself to stop those thoughts. I even thought to myself these thoughts are why I’m not there yet. Those thoughts of what others points of view were of me in the sense of self boast are not the thoughts I want to get caught up in. I thought Lord I’m not ready my thoughts are still carnal, Lord purify my heart! Cleanse me Jesus! I’m not here to glorify myself but you placed me here to glorify you!

This life isn’t about fancy cars but we were created to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth. Sometimes some of us struggle more than others because God has great things He wants to do with us but our carnal thoughts and ways have to be broken in order for Him to use us as a mouthpiece for His glory. So I say Lord thank you for my struggle but thank you also because you give me a brand new mercy with the rising of the sun. Thank you for allowing me to catch a glimpse of the work you’re performing within me. Greater is He that is within me than he that is in this world. My ways are not your ways nor thoughts your thoughts; you Lord did you know the thoughts you have of me thoughts of God and not evil, thoughts to prosper me.

With that being said I rejoice that God takes His time with me and He won’t ley me get there in my time but in His. He won’t let me get in my own way because some of the greatest works He has take time and humility to get there. Truly there is none like you Jesus!


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