It doesn’t mean anything any more.
This space these words occupy because it’s empty without your reading eyes to gaze upon it.
There’s no wonder left to fill my mind of you stumbling upon my raw thoughts here.

The book has closed with an open ending because I will never truly know what could’ve been.
Lost in grief I am.
If death wasn’t the outcome what would I be writing instead?
Would it be so hard to grasp not knowing?
I had slight hidden hope for what if tucked away in the back of my heart and mind and it never left.
Until now.

Shut the door, I tell myself because there’s no possibility beyond the grave. It is finished, stop looking for that glimmer of hope!

Why don’t you just focus on what’s in front of you, you fool!
Don’t you love that? ! Why isn’t that enough for you? !
You insist on rolling back the stone of the tomb to find what no longer lives and for what? !
For closure!?
You selfish fool!
Sacrifices, remember, we make sacrifices to save face!
Pat yourself on the back you withheld your true feelings to avoid playing yourself.
That’s how the game is played right! ?
While you were sacrificing the door closed permanently, that’s life so get over it.
Stop knocking you can’t get any more answers.
Just stop.


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