I Don’t Care If You Didn’t Care

So, I went digging to see if there was any actual proof if you ever really cared back. I mean the texts you would send and things you would say to make things clear should be enough to say maybe you didn’t. But then a part of me felt different based on the strangeness of things. But anyway I don’t even care. You were a great guy from what I did get to know and other people knew you too and I’m sure if they could do something to grande in memory of you and for a good cause they would.

How do I connect to these people? Is this meant to come about?

Give it a little time, is what I’ve been advised.

Mr. Saxophonist


One comment

  1. Har+new · February 15, 2016

    Yeah, so whatever happen with this? I last remember something about strippers and cupcakes. Then you not wanting to do it because of his family and the strippers.

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