I’m So Glad!

I’m so glad I met you!
I’m so glad I f****d up,
I mean I wish I hay gave you a chance when you first inquired about me,
But then again I’m glad I found out what I missed out on.
It all had a reason,
I am who I am now because of it.
I am happy with this wonderful man before me now because of you!
I was crazy back then (still kind of crazy now) when I was so difficult for fear of injuring my heart.
What I learned is that I wouldn’t get the man I wanted if I never took the risk of giving him a chance.
Thank God I met you and you made me pay for rejecting your advances.
Thank God I saw what an amazing guy you were too late.
I judged you too soon only to realize later you were what I had wanted.
So now I’m happy because I kept that in mind when I met him.
Though I can’t believe you’re gone I won’t forget you, you helped me heal.

There’s healing even in death.




  1. Har+new · March 3, 2014

    This is maturity right here. Kind of hard for me to read this and not put myself in his shoes though :/

    • Ms. Me · March 3, 2014

      But I still know that I really really cared for him and he is someone I’ll NEVER forget I always think of him even before I found out. So if you can relate just know that someone is probably thinking of you often.

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