Gone Too Damn Soon!

You were my Muse,
You provoked the deepest passion within me,
You gave me quivers and uncontrollable tears…
But I wasn’t sad.

And now you’re gone,
You’re gone,
And in all honesty I haven’t wrote the same since I stopped talking to you.
But now you’re gone truly gone!
How could this be? !?
Why? !!!
Why? !!!

Yes I’m happy with the gentleman in my life now but I guess a part of me wondered…
But you’re gone and it’s been almost 2 years and I didn’t find out for sure until now! ?!
Why? !!!

I just don’t believe it. ..
But nothing is more permanent than death and I’m so sorry I didn’t find out until now. Yet I’m so glad I came to see you that day and I no longer regret my decision when I did. You just left too damn soon.


T. A. D.
aka Door-C


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